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Appearance on Daily Show

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Mike’s Page on Politico’s Arena

Mike Fraioli appears as a regular guest in Politico’s Arena.

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LA Times Quotes Fraioli on Medicare.

Democrats see hope for 2012 in Medicare

After Kathy Hochul, campaigning on the issue, wins a congressional seat in a reliably Republican district in New York, Democrats hope the GOP’s midterm momentum is finally over.

May 25, 2011|By Mark Z. Barabak and Kathleen Hennessey, Los Angeles Times


Democrats “have gotten their chins up off the floor after dragging around since last November,” said Mike Fraioli, a party strategist with clients nationwide. “Something like this makes it a lot easier to talk to potential candidates and get them interested in running.

“I’m not sure how long it lasts,” he added, “but it’s a whole new attitude.”

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Limbaugh Attacks Unions & Fraioli

Michael Fraioli, a Democratic strategist who works closely with organized labor, said, “It’s very simple. Wealthy individuals and corporations can still give six-, seven-, eight-figure checks to all the candidates, state parties and causes they want to.  If you take away unions and their ability to organize … you cut at the heart of our financial support.” Well, Mr. Fraioli, let’s be serious about something…

Go, if you must, but we don’t recommend Limbaugh’s site. 

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